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best marriage counsellor in delhi

Marriage is the most complicated relationship and can also be the most fulfilling of all relationships. It is a relationship of attachment and choice. A healthy marital life does wonders. A happy couple can build a  healthy family, be together in the most trying phases of life, and support individual growth.
With societal changes, our investments and expectations from life and relationships are taking a toll on every marriage. Marriages are no longer about ‘till death do us part’. Many marriages fail because couples don't know what to do to save their marriage and how to be happy together. Making a happy marriage requires constant effort. Like a sound building, every happy marriage is built on a solid foundation and pillars. Whether there are specific marital issues or a marriage requires an overall do-over, it can be done. If the couple wants to save their marriage, then Ms Shan can help and guide them to heal their relationship. 
It is also vital to remember that in a marriage, a couple's relationship directly affects at least three generations: the couple, their parents, and their children, i.e. their future.


It's always early enough to seek help. Whether you've been together for a few months, a few years, or decades, you can choose to save the most precious relationship of your life and make it cherishable and safe.

No matter how hurt or wounding the relationship has become - remember that a few things put together can turn a troubled marriage around:

  • Willingness and commitment from the couple to save their relationship
  • Seeking an experienced counsellor with expertise in couple counselling
  • Patience, dedication, and trust

Be in charge of your life - Help yourself!

Our existence pivots on relationships, attachments, love, acceptance, and being there for each other.

Ms. Shan, with her years of experience, can help you discover your potential.

The role of a counsellor is of a confidante and someone who can handhold you. With her knowledge and experience, she helps you realise your potential and reach your goals and dreams with complete privacy. You can know and want and deserve many things, but how to get it can be with an expert’s help. Ms. Shan can help you take steps to achieve all you aspire for - whether it is to have a happy, healthy relationship, be a happy parent, or build a happy, healthy life.

Your Life, your choice, your decision. 

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