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Parenting is a challenging process and often overwhelming too. Even though we are better aware and equipped with more information today, parenting is still getting more challenging. Many parents sometimes wonder whether they are doing the best for their children. Parent counselling and parent education are evidence-based approaches for helping parents cope with various difficulties they face or affect their children.
A parent counsellor or consultant can guide and support you in Improving your understanding of your child and learning new strategies to keep us one step ahead. Children often reflect on family dynamics. We are quick to blame the child or give up and surrender. Please don’t! As parents, we need to nurture our children and keep them safe. Like all mammals,  humans are creatures of attachment and emotions. Our children need it the most. 
So how can we keep our children attached to us?

Remember! What happens in our childhood has an impact on our adulthood. Our childhood defines our adult life.

  • Is our teen angry a lot?
  • Are our children peer-oriented?
  • Are they anxious or frustrated?
  • Are they healthy physically and emotionally?
  • Are they doing well academically?
  • Are they able to express their feelings?
  • Is the child too calm and quiet?
  • Does the child have nightmares?
  • Is the child suffering from bed wetting?
  • Is the child refusing to follow instructions?
  • Do you need help communicating with your child effectively?
  • Do you need help implementing routines?
  • Are you finding it hard to know what emotions your child is experiencing?
  • Does it feel like you are in a "power struggle" with your child?
  • Is your child misbehaving?
  • Does your child have social anxiety?
  • Is the child falling sick frequently?
  • Are you utterly clueless about what is happening in your child’s life?
  • Though you would like to know and help, are you clueless?
  • Are they not sharing anything with you?
  • Is there a communication gap between your child and you?

Parent counselling does help if you are experiencing any such issues and if they are causing distress. Parents are a child’s best support. Home is the safest. It takes a village to raise a child. But the family size is the smallest possible, and the dynamics of a family have changed. Also, the world has become digitalised, and the needs of a child have also changed. Seeking help from an expert helps.

Shan says, "Indeed, some children are more sensitive than others.” So how do we understand them, help them and protect our young ones from wounding until they are mature enough to fight their own battles? 

At Clinic HashtagHealth, we create a safe space for supporting parents through all this and much more. We also provide coaching and guidance to make parenting more accessible and appropriate.

Single parenting further can be complex and turbulent. The single parent is additionally burdened by personal battles, family dynamics, hurt and the double task of playing the role of two parents to the child. We support such parents to heal and excel in their parenting journey.
Clinic HashtagHealth offers workshops for Solitaire Parenting.

Don't we all want our children to be happy, healthy, well-behaved, well-educated, safe and resilient? And honest, street-smart, social, responsible, strong, disciplined, empathetic, kind, successful and famous. We also want them to have ideal relationships and love us always?!

Consulting with an expert helps. You can enjoy parenthood and help your child develop to their best. This journey can be beautiful.  

You were ready for the sleepless nights and teething pains and colic pains. You were confident that you could raise your children. “After all, we were also children once upon a time, and we love our children so much that we believe we can wing it.”

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