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best Pre-Marital counsellor in delhi, india

Pre-Marital Counselling is rare in India. Family size is decreasing, and divorce rates are at an all-time high. Relationships and marriages are struggling. When a married couple's relationship hits rock bottom, it takes a lot more time and effort to make amends.

 Indeed Prevention is better than cure! That is why it is crucial to understand the nuances of being together in a marital bond. Pre-marital counselling helps couples build a good relationship from the start. Before getting married, if the couple-to-be can understand and build the foundation and pillars of a healthy, lasting marriage, it can create a lifetime of togetherness.

Ms Shan Singh is in the select league of counsellors that have coached many couples with pre-marital counselling. A unique programme that she has specially created. This programme is a game changer.

While we invest so much in getting a couple married, if this programme is added to the “to-do” list, it can strengthen the bond and ensure the quality and longevity of the new relationship.  

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