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best Individual counsellor in delhi, india

 We are complex beings. Emotions, relations, and our conditioning drive us. The world is changing, and expectations are changing. All this affects us, our loved ones, our family, and our relationships.

Individuals can seek counselling in Emotion Coaching, stress management, anger management, parenting, personal growth, self-awareness and self-management, anxiety, pre-marital counselling, dealing with childhood memories and managing major life problems.

Shan firmly believes that every person is different. Therefore, she carefully plans her sessions per every client’s needs and requirements. With her knowledge and experience, she lays out a carefully planned road ahead. 


Anger Management: Anger is a valid emotion and has a purpose. But the expression of this emotion may not be acceptable.

There is increasing pressure at work, in relationships and in life. There is also the pressure of expectations. Keeping up takes a toll on our emotional and psychological health. Frustration levels are at an all-time high, and no one is equipped to manage it. It seems impossible to be in the realm of sensitivity when so much is happening around us.

Outbursts can often be intense, and we end up hurting ourselves, our relationships and our loved ones. In such situations, when one suffers, there are extraordinary results from emotion coaching.

Shan has earned her badge in Emotional Intelligence Training From Goleman EI.

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