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Ms Shan Singh is a Couples Therapist, Relationship Counsellor, Parent Consultant and Certified Emotion Coach. She is married and a parent to two adult children. She is passionate about her work and is dedicated to sharing her experience and knowledge with parents and couples - married or not, to bring meaningful changes in their lives. Her USP is that she uses research-based techniques, scientific knowledge, and tested and proven tools in her work and is constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills. She takes a collaborative and solution-intensive approach in her guidance and counselling that helps people of all ages and backgrounds build a happy and progressive life filled with love.
Shan is one of the most sought-after consultants for marriage, relationships, parenting, and family counselling.
She is the Founder and Director of Clinic HashtagHealth and is trained in the world's most trusted and research-based foundation for couple ...

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Why Therapy/Counselling?

Therapy is considered taboo

Shan says that many of us need therapy, but only a few go for it, and they are often secretive about it. She shares that she has had therapy herself, which did wonders for her. It is a game changer, and it can do wonders for everyone.

We very quickly talk about our physical ailments. We don’t shy away from seeing a doctor even if our leg hurts for more than two days. But we continue to suffer in silence and hide it when our hearts break or our relationships hurt and break. Why can't we boldly seek help, then? WHO states that health is not just physical but mental and emotional.

Anybody who is:
  • struggling in their marriage
  • married for many years, but love and fondness are missing
  • wanting to make their marriage better
  • going through a nasty and painful relationship
  • struggling with parenting their child
  • wanting to learn better parenting strategies
  • just looking for answers
  • stuck in career
  • hurting and sad
  • wanting a better understanding of themselves
  • unable to handle their emotions (like anger, frustration, bitterness)
  • emotionally hurting
  • wanting to be emotionally intelligent
  • suffered a setback/loss in life
  • stuck in life and looking for personal growth
  • planning to get married and wants to know what makes a loving bond
  • feeling low


The Key To A Happy Marriage After Decades
Neha Kakkar


I am a professional and have been working with an MNC for five years. The pay and work life is good, but the excessive work hours started reflecting in my relationships after a while. The slight indifferences started becoming heated arguments, which, in turn, affected my work. A friend told me about Ms Shan, and we went for couples counselling. Only after a few sessions did her sessions start to help us. 


I was about to get married, and when it was very close to the date, we started doubting our decision and whether we were ready for it. Then we mutually decided to go for pre-marital counselling, which did wonders for us. Ms Shan Singh shared her understanding of marriage and relationships with us, which was eye-opening. Everyone was helping us get married, no one told us what it meant and what it took to build one. She helped us clarify our doubts, get to know each other better, and finally, we got married. 


We are a working couple, and we have a 10-year-old son. Due to lack of time, we couldn’t focus much on our kid, and we realised he was getting impulsive and explosive. Then we heard of Shan. Understanding our child's emotions, I took a few sessions with her. She assisted us in ways beyond our expectations. And now, I can happily say that we get along well with our kids and feel confident as parents.


As a lawyer, I always work late hours. I used to ignore my burnout. A colleague suggested that I see Shan. Sessions with her were relaxing and knowledgeable, and fun. I was astonished by her understanding of the human mind. I have regularly visited her for the last few months, which has helped me strike a better work-life balance.


Frequently Heard Lines

"We have tried talking, reasoning, explaining and even bribing, yet they do not listen to us."

“We knew parenting was not easy, but no one told us it is this difficult.”

“We love them, care for them and want the best for them. Then why don't they understand this?”

“Parenting is so overwhelming, and I feel so hopeless and powerless. Who said it was fun?”

"All that yelling and defiance and temper tantrums. “ I feel so powerless and heartbroken.”

"I feel like a fool, absolutely clueless about how to deal with my child.”

"I know we shouldn't yell or spank a child, but I never expected to get triggered like this.”


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How many sessions do we need to take?

It will solely depend on the issues the person is facing, but it's better to take a comprehensive package, as therapy takes time to yield positive, long-lasting results. 

What are the modes of consultation?

Ms Shan Singh offers both online and offline consultations. Online consultations include video calls and telephonic consultations. 

What counselling services does Ms Shan Singh provide?

She provides a range of services for people from all backgrounds and ages. She is an expert in couples counselling, marriage counselling, Family counselling, pre-marital counselling, and parenting consultant. 

What about the confidentiality of information that I will provide in therapy?

Sessions with Ms Shan Singh are private and confidential. 

What will be the frequency of consultation sessions?

There is no definite rule per se regarding the frequency of therapy sessions. It will depend on the concerns on hand and the availability of both Ms Shan and the patient. 

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