How many sessions do we need to take?

It will solely depend on the issues the person is facing, but it's better to take a comprehensive package, as therapy takes time to yield positive, long-lasting results. 

What are the modes of consultation?

Ms Shan Singh offers both online and offline consultations. Online consultations include video calls and telephonic consultations. 

What counselling services does Ms Shan Singh provide?

She provides a range of services for people from all backgrounds and ages. She is an expert in couples counselling, marriage counselling, Family counselling, pre-marital counselling, and parenting consultant. 

What about the confidentiality of information that I will provide in therapy?

Sessions with Ms Shan Singh are private and confidential. 

What will be the frequency of consultation sessions?

There is no definite rule per se regarding the frequency of therapy sessions. It will depend on the concerns on hand and the availability of both Ms Shan and the patient. 

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